Applications on Jeans
Jeans : front pocket hemming
Jeans : pocket design
Jeans and standard trousers : loop stitching
Jeans and Labour clothes : back pocket attaching


Mitsubishi : the well-fitting solutions

Mitsubishi Electric has been going along with garments and ready-to-wear industrialists for ages, and new clients are gained regularly.
From a considerable from-the-field experience, our applications engineers know how to combine high-quality components and best practices to deliver industrial sewing applications that meet customer expectations.  

Advanced and ever advancing

Our duty is to draw solutions tailored to the ready-to-wear industry !
But provide solutions that meet requirements is not all. We look after identifying best-of-breed components and proceedings to address your industrial challenges such as working on new fibers or technical textiles.
Below, you are invited to discover a sample list of use cases, some of them being extensively documented.
These examples illustrate the variety of applications that can be addressed by our wide range of versatile programmable sewing machines and lockstitch machines.

Challenging your project

Need to expand your production capacity ? Looking for productivity boosts ? Planning capital expenditures in new equipment ? Whatever the question is, we can probably come to you with valuable answers. Contact us at