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Leather industry

Mitsubishi : a lever for leather

From multiplying implementation of industrial sewing solutions for number of major leather industrialists, Mitsubishi Electric knows what the constraints are in this field of activity.
This substantial from-the-field experience gives our applications engineers a rare ability in combining the most appropriate industrial sewing components in various configurations.
It results in delivering efficient and reliable production equipments.  

Advanced and ever advancing

Mitsubishi is supporting an approach where meet customer requirements is not all. We like to go out of our way to advise on the best possible usage of available production facilities to improve quality and productivity in a cost-efficient manner.
It often consists in flexible solutions, thus featuring a long-term investment capable to track fast-moving fashion market tendancies.
With time, Mitsubishi Electric has learnt how to best design professional solutions for leatherwork, where craft work and high technology manufacturing processes often coexist.
Through a description of projects we were recently offered to develop, you are invited to discover how Mitsubishi can help.
Nevertheless these examples are few things compared to the prodigious capabilities offered by our range of lockstitch and programmable sewing machines.

Challenging your project

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