Net for airplane freight
Swimming-pool liner : Velcro stitching
Harness and security belts sewing

Protection and Security

Stand your business firm with Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi Electric's corporate mission is to enhance quality of life in our society. Coupling usefully with Protection and Safety industrialists is a part of it.
The substantial experience gained in implementing industrial sewing solutions across various production contexts, allows Mitsubishi to deliver  innovative applications for safety equipment and individual protection manufacturers.  

Advanced and ever advancing.

Manufacturing of Protection and Safety equipments appeals for a strict compliance to highest quality and safety standards.
Mitsubishi solutions involve the best performing components. Thus it authorises to work on heavy duty materials without altering mechanical properties. Thanks to that performance, Mitsubishi has already convinced many and famous parts manufacturers in spite of a recent market penetration.
Mitsubishi Electric's experience in leather, furnishings, automobile or ready-to-wear sector allows to meet technological challenges of the very demanding  protection and safety equipment industries.
Through a description of projects we were recently offered to develop, you are invited to discover how Mitsubishi can help.
These examples demonstrate Mitsubishi's expertise, but they are small things compared to the prodigious capabilities offered by our range of lockstitch and programmable sewing machines.    

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