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This new electronically controlled Mitsubishi sewing machine is equipped with a simplified  multi functions control panel:
- Speed setting,
- Foot lift,
- Counter: Parts, bobbins, stitches...,
- Stitching patterns reading and storage,
- Stitching patterns sequence cycles,
- Stitching patterns can be stored on USB key or in the internal memory of the machine. 
The pneumatic pressure of the clamp allows optimum material holding which is feed by stepping motors with encoder.
To be noted, thread take-up motion has been improved for thick material sewing.

Applications :

Sraps, safety belts, labels leather etc...

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Spécifications techniques


Spécifications techniques

hook Large size, shuttle hook
Sewing type Single needle, lockstitch machine
Sewing area (mm) 130 x 60
Max. number of stitches 20 000 stitches
Maximum sewing speed (s.p.m) 2000
Maximum number of patterns 900 (Internal memory)





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