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PLK-G6030WR (PLK-G6030 2-N)

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This pattern sewing machine is equipped with a split needle bar system and a vertical double rotary hook for many combinations in a single cycle. Needles change is easily done in the sewing program.

This machine uses USB memory for pattern storage as well as an internal memory. It is equipped with an on-board touch screen for making sewing patterns and customizing parameters. Presser foot adjustment is made by stepping motor. Material feeding is realized by stepping motors with encoder.

Applications :

- Automotive (Airbags,  upholstery...),
- Shoes,
- Fine leather goods, etc.

Thanks to this technology :

-  Operations made before with two machines are now performed with a single machine.

- It is possible to switch different thread thickness, different colors to the needle and bobbin.

Spécifications techniques

hook Vertical double rotary hook
Sewing type Lockstitch, split needle bar system
Sewing area (mm) 600 x 300
Max. number of stitches 20 000 stitches
Maximum sewing speed (s.p.m) 1800
Maximum number of patterns 900 (Internal memory)