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Automatic sewing machine . Serie J. New generation

Main characteristics :

- Simple set-up with just one touch
Application settings can be re-called with just one touch. Set-up time is greatly saved for running time increase.
- Equipped with a new pressor foot motion control
Free adjustment optimizes stitch quality to sew a wide range of applications with various types of materials and thicknesses.
- Equipped with a newly developed spray type digital lubrication system
Lubrication amount and interval digitally controlled to prevent missed stitch and excessive oil.
- Digital tension control as standard
Suitable digital thread tension adjustment is automatically controlled by stitch direction.
- Equipped with "Poka-Yoke" to prevent human error
Materials thickness confirmation function ensures proper material layers before sewing starts. Operator is informed by error indication when material thickness is different.
- Faster and more accurate.
World's fastest sewing speeds achieved. Seams with long or curved stitches are sewn quickly with high quality.
- Superior energy savings: Power consumption cut by 25% compared to previous machines.
Even operating at high speeds and using a large sewing area, the PLK-J6040R consumes less power than the PLK-G6030R. Less vibration and less noise.
- E-f@ctory
Integrated FA-IT solutions driven by Mitsubishi Electric. e-F@ctory enables visualization of operating status through enhanced communication functions, contributing to flexible factory management.

Spécifications techniques

hook Double-size rotary hook
Sewing type Single-needle lockstitch
Sewing area (mm) 600mm x 400mm
Max. number of stitches 20 000 stitches / pattern
Maximum sewing speed (s.p.m) 2300 rpm intermittent - 2500 rpm continuous
Maximum number of patterns 9000